Sinekamva Care-Centre

The IKAMVA Care-Centre at the Helderberg Hospital (HH) is the engine room of Sinekmava. It is from our Centre that we provide support to many individuals.

The support that is offered is centred on our core values of Care, Love and Hope. This can be in the form of counselling or dignity-based solutions to poverty through our Khathalela range of clothing and necessity bags. Every item of clothing that is offered through our centre will be thoroughly checked to provide the most dignified experience. The reality is that many patients arrive and leave HH with only the clothes on their backs - some without even the necessary toiletries. The IKAMVA Care-Centre creates the platform for identified patients to "shop" (free-of-charge) and select an item of clothing, thus giving them dignity/empowerment instead of a hand-out.

This is part of the grander vision of Sinekamva in providing allied medical support to our community.


Get Involved


We know you’re busy with many demands on your time, so we’ll make it easy for you. Because even if you have just a minute, there is something you can do to make a big impact in patient’s lives.

Be a Champion for Patients by Getting Involved in the Following 4 Ways

  • Give - Our IKAMVA partners are an important aspect to Sinekamva’s ministry. Become an IKAMVA Partner today.
  • Donate - You can donate to the Ikamva Care Centre in the following three ways: Gently-worn clothing, basic necessities or arts-and-crafts materials.
  • Volunteer - Sinekamva volunteers play an essential role in supporting patients through their hospitalisation. We are always on the lookout for dynamic, passionate and caring people who want to be a part of the Sinekamva team, either as a career or a facilitator in our KMC Care Project.
  • Fundraise - Think of an idea. Be original and get inspired. Create your fundraiser and share your idea with us. Promote your fundraiser with friends, family and the community. Changing lives will uplift your own.

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