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Kangaroo Mothercare Project (KMC)

KMC Care is about providing a weekly mental, emotional and spiritual support activity group to the mothers of premature babies who are waiting for their babies to gain weight before being discharged. These activities can take the shape of arts and craft sessions, music, story-telling, devotions etc… If you would like to partner with us in the KMC Care project, you can do so by volunteering as a group facilitator or donating various arts and craft goodies to the Care Centre. Please contact us to do so.


Necessity Bag

Sinekamva Necessity bags aspires to make a difference in the lives of hospitalised patients who are admitted without even the most basic necessities. Donating a SNB is one way to make a difference in a needy patient’s life. SNB are usually freezer-size Ziploc bags filled with any of the following materials: • toothbrush • toothpaste • bar soap • deodorant • face cloth • a personal letter / inspirational / biblical quote. To donate any of the above necessities, please contact the office via telephone or email.


KMC Craft Project

The KMC (premature babies) mothers remain in hospital until the babies have gained sufficient weight to be discharged. At present there is very little stimulation for the mothers who sit in the ward day-in and day-out waiting for their baby to gain weight. The KMC Craft Project is aimed at providing stimulation for the mothers through arts and crafts. Sessions will take place in the Care Centre where the facilitator comes along side the mothers providing the guidance, emotional and spiritual support that they may need.